Happy 9th Birthday!

By KimA Day in the Life2 Comments

Today our girl is 9. Hard to believe. Although just by looking at her you can tell she is getting big. Not sure if this is a good thing or not? I hear the “talking back” starts soon. Not my girl, right?


The big gift this year is Lego Friends. Apparently Lego finally figured out that they are missing a big market with the girls. I mean the boys are CRAZY about Legos these days. Why not the girls too? This is the big one. Cost a mere $75. But, the tears of exasperation as she has been trying to put this puppy together have been worth every penny. Its so fun to torture your kids sometimes. Payback is grand!


This year Mom decided to let the girls each have a fun birthday day where they got to plan out the ENTIRE day of activities. Grandpa Coburn was lucky enough to be visiting on Syd’s big birthday adventure. We had lunch/dinner at Benihana which is always a fun and super yummy dinner. No pictures but I think even Grandpa enjoyed that one.

Next up, we were to spend the day at Boondocks. This place has it all. Go Karts, Mini Golf, bowling, arcades, boats, laser tag, etc.


We even got Grandpa and Kayla out on the course.


Dad talked everyone into their first game of laser tag. I think the girls enjoyed it but not as much as the boys in our group.

Syd also got her day at the American Girl Store a few weeks ago on Reagan’s birthday. Given the drive to the store we were not repeating the adventure. But, we must not forget the fact that Josephina now has her own bed.

Hope you had a fun day, Syd. Now let’s take our time before reaching your next birthday. We don’t want Mom losing it. Stay a kid just a little bit longer, please!