Year End Ceremony

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Today was our year end ceremony for our American Heritage Girls Troop. Sydney was awarded with several badges. Our troop also earned the Honor Troop Award which we were very proud of. As well as our HUGS patch which means we completed at least 3 service projects this year. Good to know we are doing a good job with these girls. And they are still enjoying everything. Good ole pat on the back troop leaders.


As you can tell her vest is overflowing with badges. Once this new set is applied where will she fit any more? Good thing she is now graduating to the next level. No more Tenderheart for Syd, she is now an Explorer. At this unit level she has reached the bigger times. It now takes more involved work to earn a badge. It also requires more service time to earn a service star. And, she can do more high adventure activities. Should be interesting. Mom needs to step it up now to keep this thing rolling. Should be fun.