i miss you

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I remember when i came home I was only a day old you were jumping at me I was jumping inside I remember my first birthday you were starring at me I remember I remember watching you chasing dakota around when she passed away you probably had dreams every day we were there for you then the RV I remember … Read More

Another Year in Gymnastics

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Its that time of year again for the spring gymnastics show. We’ve learned now that these shows are pure chaos so we come ready to giggle more then be awed. Always a good time. One new thing for us this year was that the girls have turned a new foot when it comes to gymnastics. There was always a lot … Read More

Leadville with Helene

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We were heading up to our cabin for Memorial Day as usual. I was at home packing up our things when I heard Sydney and her friend Helene whispering away in the corner. They had a plan. “Mom can Helene come to the cabin with us this weekend?” It has always been the plan to take friends to the cabin … Read More

Sun Pony Ranch with American Heritage Girls

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For our troops year end event I was able to throw together a horse clinic for our girls at a local spot, Sun Pony Ranch. First off, this ranch was awesome. They were so accommodating to our girls. They had the whole event down to a science and really showed the girls a great time. I would highly recommend them … Read More

Field Day 2012

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Today was the much anticipated Field Day event at school. Kayla and I had music class in the morning so we were not able to attend all events. We arrived about half way into the morning. After a little side debacle with Reagan we found Sydney doing this thing. Not quite sure what it was and according to Sydney is … Read More