Talent Show 2012

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I am not sure what drives her yet but Sydney once again did a solo in the talent show. I don’t see her practice for these things like I think I would. She just gets up and does her thing.

Wild Animal Sanctuary with AHG

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Today our troop had a fun family event scheduled at the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Our family has been to this place several times. It has always been a favorite of ours. Both, for the experience of the sanctuary as well as for the work this place does for unwanted large carnivores. So I thought it would be a fun and … Read More

Green Mountain on Easter

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We started from Inspiration Point just after noon. The ascent was pretty smooth until the snow! I was glad there was some still out there to give them some thrill. However, Reagan saw this as quite the obstacle for some reason. All the hikers out there were grabbing trees and making it across. They really missed out then when the … Read More