My Dad Rules, Wait He Sucks

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After our last ski day, I decided to buy Sydney new boots and skis to avoid the future rental lines. Its an investment in saving time plus we have 3 kids to rotate through then I can always resell them. So I dropped some coin over in Frisco buying some new sweet skis for Sydney. She loved the more expensive white boots. Fine. Got the binding cheap. But the ski sizes were picked over. She was on 100s the other day. They had those but I wanted to go bigger for some growing room. 120 was the next size in stock. “Will these be OK?”, I would ask. Nobody was sure but figured they would work now or eventually. So we got them.

So we are back at Ski Cooper. Same routine. Reagan and I, then Sydney solo. Syd heads up before us. All is well. We re-group at the top. Let’s go! That was so much faster. Good job, Dad!

Crap. Why is Sydney falling constantly? Why can’t she turn? Better go over there. I find Sydney 1/4 way down the mountain bawling. She can’t turn. Her feet hurt. She wants to go home. Wow! Everything in her life was ruined at that moment. I tried to get her to just keep going but she would just fall. It was like she wasn’t trying. She says she was. I didn’t look like it. Just looked to me like it was harder and she threw in the towel. My fault.

So I took one of Reagan’s straps off and tied it around Sydney’s backpack. I then tried and finally succeeded at getting them to both ski straight downhill in front of me while I held them back. It was a huge V-formation. I looked like I was driving two horses or something. Sydney kept falling even in this situation. It was bad. Reagan was a trooper but she was getting really bored and cold waiting for Sydney all this time. It sucked for her.

After way too long, we got to the bottom and all fell into the snow to relax. They wanted to go home. I wouldn’t let them. We had to think of a better solution. We ended up renting Sydney some 100 skis only and using her new boots. I pepped Reagan back up and we were on top of the mountain again 30 minutes later. Sydney had new life and picked up right where she left off the other day. I hated that I screwed up the morning. Lesson learned.

Ski Cooper

That’s Syd up on a chair solo in front of us.

Ski Cooper

We took a mid-afternoon snack break and then got one last run in during a wind storm. I figured these kids had been burnt out after this. However, when we got home, they put there ski boots on and their skis and tried to ski everything on our property. Guess they had fun.