Field Trip-Butterfly Pavilion

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Today I had the pleasure of chaperoning the third grade class on their field trip to the Butterfly Pavilion. This has always been a favorite spot for the Fuller girls so Sydney was really looking forward to this one. We started out the morning with a group shot in front of the Pavilions mascot. Hard to believe this trip was postponed last week because of SNOW…


Our day began with a lesson on insects from one of the knowledgeable volunteers. The kids were broken into groups of four. Each group was then given their own box of Madagascar hissing cockroaches to inspect. They were given magnifying glasses and were trying to spot out the differences between the two and maybe even guess which was the male or female. I often broke out into laughter as Sydney’s face looked more and more disgusted with this task.


After a few minutes the volunteer came around with a cockroach for the kids to pet.


Afterwards, we each took our group of kids around to tour the exhibits. Sydney of course had to say hello to Rosie once again. Crazy how this little tarantula can capture your hearts.


On the way out it was time for some more third grade theatrics before heading back to school. Once again a great experience with Syds’ lovely classmates.