Nation’s Day

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The month of October at our school is dedicated to educating the kids on different cultures. Each class picks a different country and learns everything there is to know about the cultures, geography, etc on their chosen country. This year Sydney’s class would be learning about Ancient Greece. I volunteered along with two other Moms to lead a Greek craft and snack session once a week for the month. During our first week together the girls made brooches and bracelets. While the boys made shields. Both to be used later in the big Nations Day event. Our snack would be a samplings of Greek Yogurts and yummy lemon cookies. Lemon being a Greek staple.


The next week we created Greek pottery masterpieces. I was so busy helping with this one that I didn’t get any pictures taken. We studied the Greek pottery called Black or Red Figure. The pottery had either a black or red background with everyday objects painted in either red or black. We made Black Figure Vases, red clay with black clay objects for decoration.

Week three we made Greek Relief carvings out of Ivory soap. This one definitely taught the kids a lesson in patience and using a gentle touch. While the carving was easier then thought, too much pressure would crack the bar in two. I think all crafts went over really well with the kids. I got lots of thank you’s and hugs for my efforts. And best of all I always love being with the kids in the classroom. Its a great way to get to know the classmates. For our snack I made a batch of nut free baklava. The baklava was a huge hit with the kids. Good to learn I can bake some things.


Week four would hold the big Nations Day celebration. Each class prepared for a presentation on stage. Our class would be re-enacting the great Ancient Rome vs. Ancient Greek Battles. The other third grade class was studying Ancient Rome. The presentations were first thing in the morning. Sydney was chosen to be one of the elephants used in battle. A coveted role I hear.


The other elephant would be portrayed by her best friend and partner in crime, Madison.


After the presentation, the third grade class would be re-enacting the first Olympic Games. We had the Javelin throw…


The ball toss…


The discus toss, and finally they galloped in the big chariot race.


After the games we gathered in the classroom for a Greek luncheon of Pizza. These are kids and our teacher hasn’t had the best luck with Greek foods in the past. We had some crazy sword fights and good ole goofing off before I was off duty for a couple hours.

First, we got a few pictures. Here’s Sydney and one of her many BFF’s.


And a shot with the teacher of the year, Mrs. Tadewald.


The final event of the day was the annual parade of Nations. The kids walk the halls and outside perimeter to show off all the great costumes. Always a fun filled day at our school.


Of course we have video of the presentations.