Fiske Planetarium

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Today was our first third grade field trip of the school year. Our trip today would be to the Fiske Planetarium located in the midst of the CU Campus in Boulder. The entryway had a few experiments and cool telescopes for the kids to check out. The coolest thing here was this cool display which projected different planets just floating in this space. There were monitors all around it spouting cool facts about the planet. You actually learned a lot of cool facts. The kids however, were more interested in this telescope.


Once we entered the planetarium the show was pretty good. The kids just finished a science unit on the moon so our trip would spend about half our time learning about the moon. Again, I learned tons and came away for with new appreciation for our big ball of cheese up in the sky. The kids were on fire and were able to answer everything our grad student tried to stump them with. I think he was impressed with our gang too. We of course then had some star gazing and constellation time.

Once our time was done the kids ran outside, and before we could stop them, they decided it was time to climb the planetarium building. Granted it does beg to be climbed. It was a little embarrassing. At least it was a great photo op.


As we were heading for the cars I had Sydney pose with the CU campus as a great backdrop. We just might be regulars here in another 10 years. Who knows?