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Sydney got new underwear! Yeah. Worth a blog post? Sure. Check out the package. Gotta love the stamp in the lower right. Its like a challenge to me. These underwear will NOT prevent me from giving Sydney a wedgie when and where I desire.

Sunflower Farm

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There was no school today but the girls couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing their new school friends. So we decided to join a bunch of kids at Sunflower Farm for a fun play day together. This farm is always a favorite of ours and we haven’t been in a while so it sounded like a fun time. The … Read More

Nomad Party

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In History class, Sydney is learning about the Nomads and their lifestyle. One of the best ways for a kid to learn is by doing so thats what her teacher did for these kids. We got the kids all dressed up in the latest Nomad attire and sent them out on a hunt for a date source, (i.e. Drinking fountain.) … Read More

Fiske Planetarium

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Today was our first third grade field trip of the school year. Our trip today would be to the Fiske Planetarium located in the midst of the CU Campus in Boulder. The entryway had a few experiments and cool telescopes for the kids to check out. The coolest thing here was this cool display which projected different planets just floating … Read More