Summer Has Officially Begun

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We decided to spend the weekend up in Leadville again. Happy to say all of the snow has melted and the temps are warming up nice. We’ll be at our constant comfy 70 degree high altitude days in no time. This was probably the first weekend so far where the kids were able to go short sleeved all day. Which … Read More

Longmont Sunrise Stampede 2011

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Distance 2M Time 22:55 Pace 11:28 GPS Analysis Garmin Connect So far, I have only ever paced my own family. Natalee @ Indy. Sydney @ BB10K. And now today I had the pleasure of pacing Reagan for 2 miles in the Longmont Sunrise Stampede! I usually run the 10K myself but 2M only starts 10 minutes before the 10K so … Read More

Meet Yoshi

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Last weekend we were having a neighborhood garage sale. During the slow time I would do yard work since I had to be outside anyway. My cats were meowing at the front door incessantly because they wanted to be outside. So as is normal for me I was meowing back at them. Sort of had a good convo going on … Read More