Sydney’s 8th Birthday Party

By KimA Day in the Life2 Comments

Sydney decided that she would like her birthday party at home this year. She wanted a party with all types of games. Treasure hunt, obstacle course, sack race, three legged race, etc… Of course this meant a lot of work for Mom to set things up. But, it sounded so fun to me too that I didn’t mind.

We started the party off with the treasure hunt. Not thinking I bought a small treasure for each clue location. It was fun picking out the little prizes. But, after all were purchased I realized that you only put a treasure at the final clue. Oh well, this turned out more interesting. Here are the girls at their first clue trying to figure out where to go next. One thing we learned from this experience that there were too many cooks in the kitchen. Which resulted in a lot of discussion and crazy outcomes. I would definitely make smaller groups next time.


We had the girls venturing all over the open space for their hunt.


We even had them going down to the neighborhood playground. Sydney demanded they all walk single file since some girls didn’t want to run. Again always a lot of debate every step of the way.


For one clue I hid rocks with painted letters in the sandbox. The girls had to unscramble the letters to find their next location. They had it figured out to be housedog and were chasing poor Wyatt around the yard trying to find out how the clue was attached to him. I finally spared the poor dog by stopping the chase and asking the girls to rethink their word. Ohhhh, could it be doghouse?


The final clue of the hunt contained a baton sand art treasure. Once the hunt was over we piled the girls onto the deck to fill their batons with colored sand. Sydney always demands a craft for every party and this one was simple yet fun.




After the craft the girls ran through our home made obstacle course. This was hilarious to me. Many of the girls were worn out half way through and were proclaiming it too hot. I think it was maybe 70 degrees out. We had planned on doing a sack race as well. But instead we decided on having some cake and opening presents to give the girls a break.


I’ve learned that we have reached the “chatty” age for girls. All they wanted to do was sit and gossip about things. Fine by me. It was much more entertaining to hear about the things on their minds. Another fun birthday party. I don’t know whats in store for us next year. But I’m already exhausted just thinking about it.

Video of the obstacle course…