Field Day 2011

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Today was the much anticipated Field Day at the kids’ school. The weather man was predicting rain all day so we were all hoping and praying that the weather would hold out. The gym teacher had a great day of activities planned for this special all day event.

First off the kids all gathered in the school gym for a pep rally. They entered holding their team signs to the tunes of Smash Mouths “All Star” song. Perfect song for the event as the theme this year was the All Stars. Second graders were the orange all stars. The teachers led the kids into the motions for a dance of sorts. Then each class took turns getting up in front of the gym shouting their team chants. It was quite a send off.


Next up, our team headed to their first event the long jump. Sydney’s teacher this year is really into sports so she often coached the kids before their turn.


And the action shot….Sydney ended up taking the third place ribbon for the long jump.


Sydney’s classmates were great about cheering each other on. We are so lucky to have such a great bunch of kids as classmates.



Next we headed inside to the gym for the jump rope contest. This was Sydney’s most anticipated event so I caught all the action on video. She blew the competition away and won this event by a landslide. However, this would be the only solo event of the day without ribbons. I cried NO FAIR! But, Sydney didn’t seem to mind. She was just having fun.

Next up, the basket contest. From this event I have learned that my child will never be a basketball pro. She was no where near the basket. She eventually gave up and just ran around goofing with her friends. A sad day for the sport.


I missed the next event due to the fact that I had to get Reagan off to school. It was the 50 meter dash. Dad’s most anticipated event of the day. Sydney ended up taking the third place ribbon in this event as well. Apparently two of her classmates were super fast.

The three-legged race was next up. Sydney was teamed up with her fellow Weirdo Club member and great friend Olivia. I think the two were more interested in talking then racing. Yet I will say they were one of the only groups which didn’t fall down. So that must be worth something.


Afterwards, we had extra time so they tied the kids together again for the 4-legged race. The Weirdo Club was reunited for this event. They weren’t the fastest but I’d say they were the cutest.



Next up was the hula hoop pass. This event would be girls versus boys. The girls are short one member so Mrs. Hoffman joined the team to make the numbers even. Our girls soon got smart and decided that you could pass multiple hoops at a time and move faster. I think the girls ended up winning 3-1.



Again we had extra time so Sydney spent the time doing one of her other favorite pass times. She is getting quite good at this if I do say myself.


Our next challenge would be the sack race. Again it was boys against girls. I couldn’t really tell who won. There was a lot of falling and goofing by this time of day.



We finished the day off with whatever this thing was. Again, a lot of silly time at this point.


And once again the kids cheered each other on. I had to post this picture because I am still trying to figure out what Sydney is doing here. Whatever it was she seems to be shocked by something. Great pic. All in all a really fun field day. Once again the school pulled off a great activity for these kiddos. And best of all we had perfect weather.


A video montage of the day…