A Visit from Papa Coburn and RMCA Day

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Papa Coburn was here for a visit over the last weekend. And boy were the girls counting down the days until he got here.

The big event for this visit would be Grandparents Day at the kids school. Our school always goes all out for this school wide event. It has become a day of fun events for all kids, parents, grandparents, friends, etc. First stop in the morning was an open house for Sydney’s classroom. Sydney and Papa played a challenging game of MATHO together. You can see the concentration required.


Next, we headed to the auditorium where all grades did presentations. Our school teaches with a classical education format. This means the kids use a lot of memorization and “chants” or songs to learn. Its amazing how well it works. I can’t imagine using any other approach. Here is Sydney’s class demonstrating their knowledge of the seven continents.

After the show we headed outside to enjoy a catered lunch from the generous Pasta Jays. There were also lots of jump houses and other activities for the kids to enjoy. I think Papa spent most of the afternoon chasing Kayla around from place to place. Which was nice for me since I got a break from chasing Kayla from place to place. I don’t think we saw too much of Sydney and Reagan during this time as they were off playing with their friends.



For the last event of the day we were invited to an Open House in Reagan’s classroom. Reagan was so excited to show her classroom off to her family. And we posed for a group photo of papa with his RMCA girls.


After the last open house we went home to pick up Dad and head up to the cabin. The girls were anxious to show Papa their cabin that they loved so much. Papa often commented on how relaxing the cabin was. So I think the girls showed him a good time.


They spent a lot of time sitting outside with their makeshift log chairs. Eventually someone figured out you could play the drums with these logs and a show was soon in motion.



We spent two nights at the cabin and then made our way back home for one more night before taking Papa back to the airport. Thanks for the visit Papa! I know the girls enjoyed sharing their school and cabin with you.