Sydney Turns Eight

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This year Sydney is turning eight on May 8th. According to her second grade class this means that this year was her golden birthday. While this is exciting news, Sydney was a bit disappointed that her golden birthday has come so quickly in her life. Her other friends all have theirs in their twenties. Apparently this is much better. Why, I don’t dare ask these questions people.


We always let the kids pick out all three meals on their birthdays. These can be anywhere in the area. Usually for Sydney this involves an expensive Fondue night at La Fondue. This year she requested…

Breakfast: Home. She wanted Mom’s pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fruit. (Have to say this made me feel good.)

Lunch: Country Buffet. The entire family revolted against this one. Teasing Syd about how bad the food was here. Unfortunately this caused the birthday girl some sadness, oops. She couldn’t handle anyone saying anything bad about her choice. So after some apologizing we all gave in and ate some good(??) ole country buffet.

Dinner: Salmon at Texas Roadhouse.


The big gift this year was a razor go cart. Her driving and spinning skills have made her Daddy proud. Dad always wanted his own as a child yet he was denied. Too bad he is too big to give this one a ride.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYDNEY! We love you and hope you had a great day.