AHG Year End

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Today was our year end badge ceremony for our American Heritage Girls Troop. This is always a more formal event for a our troop. We have a full flag procession with honor guard. The girls all give the oath and are then called up onto stage to receive the badges they have earned.


Sydney was a badge beast this year. Earning a total of 16 official AHG badges plus some others. To give you a little background. The girls can earn badges in a total of six different frontiers. Here is the list of what Syd earned this year.

Heritage Frontier

Ancestor Detector

Caring for my Environment

Our Flag

Our Heritage

Family Living Frontier

Home Care & Repair

Kid Care

Memory Maker

Arts Frontier


Textile Arts

Outdoor Skills Frontier


Snow Skiing


Personal Well Being Frontier

Daughter of the King

Science & Technology Frontier


Insect-a Inspect-a

Kitchen Scientist

Along with these AHG frontier badges the girls may also earn special patches. This year Sydney earned the Joining Badge for learning all about AHG. She participated in the Pen Pal program and received a patch for her work. She earned a top seller Fundraiser Patch. She attended a Sweet Pea Party and learned about her inner beauty to receive her Sweet Pea Patch. And lastly, she performed three community service projects to receive her HUGS Service patch.

I think its safe to say this girl made the most of her first year in AHG. And she should be proud of her work.



Reagan has now graduated into the Tenderheart Unit with Sydney so the girls can now help each other with badgework. That means twice the work for Mom. Should be fun!