AHG Service Projects

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Today our American Heritage Girls Troop was heading to a local nursing home for our latest service project. We started off at the home of one of our girls where we all made cookies for the residents. The girls took turns rolling the dough into balls to fill our baking trays.


Once the cookies were in hand we all caravan’d over to the home. The residents were all waiting in the meeting room for us. The girls walked around introducing themselves to the residents while passing out cookies and drinks. Next, we headed over to the tables to play BINGO together. Sydney had three partners today. All partners were pro BiNGO players so Sydney was in great hands.


Pete was her favorite resident of the day. He was very soft spoken but loved his new partnership. Happy to say the girls all ended this experience with a big thumbs up. I was nervous they might get bored or shy with the residents. But, they all want to go back again soon.