Badge Work

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A big part of being an American Heritage Girl is your badge work. Our troop completes three badges a year as a group. Also, the individual girls are able to complete additional badges on their own. This weekend Sydney has decided to work on getting her Cycling badge. We wanted to give you all an idea on what earning a badge looks like.

Requirement #1 Learn all about bicycle safety.

What type of clothing should you wear?

Why should you wear a helmet?

Learn at least three different hand signals..left turn, right turn, and stop…and teach these to a friend.

What side of the street should you ride on?

What are the bike rules in your community and household?

Requirement #2 Bicycling as a means of Transportation

What are the advantages/ disadvantages of using a bike for transportation?

Does your community have special bike lanes on the roads for bikes?

Do you know of a place where bikes are the main means of transportation?

Requirement #3 Take at least a two mile bike ride with your family or friend

Draw a map of your ride for everyone to follow. Note your starting and stopping place as well as any turns or landmarks. Be prepared with any necessary food or drinks. Follow all safety rules learned above.

Requirement #4 Learn how to add air to your tires.

Usually badge work consists of Mom and Sydney going through the steps. But this week we decided to get Dad in on the action. Mostly because Mom doesn’t really know how much air to add to a tire. But we also wanted to give Dad a chance to see what being an American Heritage Girl is all about.


You’ll be happy to know Sydney completed her Cycling badge and was signed off by her leader at the last meeting. This badge was a pretty simple one as they go.

Her first badge of the year was the Ancestor Detector Badge which took us about two months to complete. It was one of her favorites so far. She had to (1) make a family scrapbook complete with pictures of her ancestors, wedding, and birth certificates. (2) Interview her oldest living relative…we did Mimi (3) Discover a game from the past and play it with a friend. (4) Visit an old cemetery and find a list of items…oldest date, military, unusual tombstones, etc… Syd loved the cemetery especially. Let’s just say that was an interesting day as I tried to explain to a 7 year old things such as, “Why are there babies here?….What is the crematorium?….What happens to your body after its buried? Why are there so many military people?” Glad that one is done!

Here are some pics of the Mimi interview and cemetery visit.