Firehouse Field Trip

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Today Sydney’s class had a field trip to the local Firehouse and Police Station. I had the pleasure of driving along to help out with the kiddos. The firehouse was really fun. The kids got to see where the men basically lived on their 48 hour shifts. They showed the kids the ins and outs of every part of the truck. Which got a lot of oohs and aahs.


When the fire alarm rings the men have just three minutes to get on the truck. This means that they have to put their gear on fast. And there was a lot of gear. One fireman demonstrated how they get dressed. By the time they are done every single inch of skin was completely covered and protected from the fire. Even their mouth. It was quite impressive.


Next we moved onto the Police Station. We had been here with our Girl Scout troop before. The big part of the trip is getting to see the jail. We missed this one before because there were criminals being housed. We were going to be able to tour the jail this time. But just as we arrived an arrest was being made. Bummer. But the interesting thing to see from the cameras was that this was just a kid, maybe 13 years old. Awesome to scare the kids a little.

The other great thing about this trip was hearing all the stories from the kids. Something about authority figures made these kids want to confess to all sorts of crimes. There were..

“Sometimes I don’t wear my seatbelt if my Mom isn’t looking”

“Once I set my curtains on fire and the firetrucks had to come put out the fire”

“Once my uncle went to jail for drinking too much while driving”

“Once my Dad got pulled over for speeding. He was not too happy with the dumb policeman”

It was hilarious. Luckily, my kid was quiet.