Speed Sledding

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We entertained some friends in Leadville this weekend. They were going to be skiing all week so we opted for a different snowy downhill adventure: sledding! The weather was perfect. It wasn’t snowing. Finally. Sledding is usually no good when there is fresh powder because the hill gets built up with the fresh snow and you just push it down … Read More

Ski Queen

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I have been taking Sydney skiing for a couple of years now. This usually involves a moment in parental patience as I try and teach her the skills needed without being any type of certified instructor. Yeah yeah, I should put her into a class but that’s just too normal for my tastes. But this year, I figured a 7 … Read More

American Heritage Girls Go Bowling

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Today our American heritage Girls Troop was having a fun day out together. The activity chosen for this fun day was bowling. Reagan was not too fond of this idea as bowling is not her thing. But as soon as she saw these things her mood brightened up. This type of bowling she could handle. By the end of the … Read More

District Spelling Bee

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With Sydney’s win at the 2nd grade level spelling bee, she was invited to the district spelling bee. This was several weeks later so we took a bit of a training break then got back into the words. I quickly moved to working the average and difficult words. These are the best kids so let’s be ready. Sydney was getting … Read More