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Taught Sydney how to play Scrabble on the iPad. Kind of a fun game. I am terrible at it. I use 3 and 4 letter long words all the time. However, Sydney somehow with no help busted out this 6 letter word down the right side of the board. See it? Its in the dictionary.


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Grandma Hakes got the girls some dominos this year for Christmas. Sydney could be found off in the corners making different mazes to knock down. Let’s hope she is better at dominos then her Daddy was at her age. I’ve heard the stories…it wasn’t pretty….

Christmas in Indiana

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Once again, we traveled back to the Midwest to visit our family for the holidays. Everyone lives in the same city so its a nice one shot deal to cover a lot of visits. Christmas in Indiana from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.


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Christmas always comes early at our house since we are in Indiana on the holiday itself. So the night before was all about the preparations. Check out that loot! The big item this year was the pillow pet. Santa brought each of the girls two. Great job Santa! Sydney isn’t a hunter but she received a stuffed head to hang … Read More

American Heritage Girls

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The Joining Ceremony for the new American Heritage Girls troop was today. Sydney received her first few badges and had to say her pledge. The last few months of the troop meetings were spent helping the kids memorize their pledges and teaching them what the different parts meant. So tonight was all about their achievements as an American Heritage Girl. … Read More