Nations Day

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Every year the kids’ school has a big celebration at the end of October for Nations Day. Each class picks a different country to study during the month of October. This year Sydney studied Italy. To give you an idea of how big of a deal Nations Day is at our school lets just say the celebration lasts 2 weeks.

Every afternoon for the last two weeks Sydney would have a party for the last 2 hours of school. In the party they would make different Italian crafts….aprons, t-shirts with the italian flag, mosaics, paintings, etc…

And enjoy different Italian snacks such as italian ice, biscotti, garlic bread, pizzelles, cannoli, Italian sodas, pizza rolls, and even make your own pizza day. I got to volunteer in the classroom for make your own pizza day which was a hoot.

Along with the crafts and snacks they would learn all about the Italian culture and language. It is truly a fun time for the kids.

To show off what they have learned the kids put on a big show for Nations Day. Here are some pictures of Sydney’s performance. The skit started with a stand-off between the boys and girls.


They then partnered up to perform the Mambo. Sydney was partnered with Brandon.



And more singing and dancing to finish out the show.



Of course we have video as well…

After the big show our class had a field trip to the local Italian restaurant, Johnny Carinos. First off, the manager gave the kids a tour of the kitchen. We learned how restaurants wash all those dishes.


Here they are in the big food cooler.


And we learned how they prep the food.


Finally, we were served an Italian feast. The kids had their own table so needless to say things may have gotten a little crazy at times, but over all they were really good.


Time to head back to school for the Nations Day parade. The final event for the celebration is the big school parade. The kids walk around the halls and outside so that all can see their costumes.


Its been a fun few weeks for the kids but now its time to get back to the books.