Report Card Time

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Its that time of year again! Time to see how the kids are doing in school. Its hard to tell how the kids are doing from home because we get all the whining about homework. And whining about how hard math is. Or whining about how they want to go play not study. In previous years Sydney’s report cards comprised of plus marks, check marks, and minus signs. But, this year in second grade Sydney will get actual letter grades. This seems to be a big deal for some reason. So here it is. Sydney’s first ever “big girl” report card. How’d she do????

Report Cards

Best of all, both Daddy and Nana promised her some cash for every “A” she received. Sydney made them write down the dollar amount per “A” she was to receive before actually showing them her report card. Needless to say she now has quite an allowance saved up for Disney. Very Tricky!!

Report Card

We’re all very proud of you, Sydney! Great work!