Second Grade Field Trip to Miller Farms

By KimA Day in the Life2 Comments

Today Sydney’s class had their first field trip of the year and Mom got to come along as a chaperone. We were heading to Miller Farms. This would be a new place for us. We had heard of it many times but never actually made our way over. The big attraction of this farm is that they take you out to several of their fields and you get to pick as much as you can carry of the various vegetables. Here is our gang, minus one who was sick, on the tractor heading out to the picking fields.


The first stop gave us two crops to pick. The right side would be popping corn and to the left we had indian corn. The indian corn was a hard find so you had to really search. But between the two of us Sydney and I managed to get 6 or 7 colorful ears. We have yet to pop the popcorn as it needs to dry out more. But, from what we hear it is delicious.


Stop Two, Pumpkins.

Remember, its pick as many as you want. Unfortunately, there had been a freeze just a few nights before so most of the pumpkins were rotted. But, everyone did manage to find at least one good pumpkin to take home.


For those that couldn’t find one, Sydney would run around helping them find the perfect pumpkin. She would do anything for her friends.


Stop Three, Sweet Corn.

I have to admit I got a little “Children of the Corn” freaked out in these fields. The stalks were so high and you were crammed in. But Sydney said this was her favorite stop. She felt special in that she could easily pick the ears while most kids had to get help from an adult. It was a bit hard to yank off, but she had no troubles.


Can you spot me?


Stop Four, Potatoes.

The farm had helped you in this field a bit by plowing the field a bit to loosen the dirt. So you just had to dig a tiny bit before unearthing potatoes.


Stop Five, Carrots.

Our driver would come through and loosen the soil around the carrots with a shovel to make picking easier. Although, Sydney thought it better to dig down to the root with her fingers. Meanwhile, scraping the skin away from her fingers. Yet she still managed to get quite a bagful.


We also found several deformed carrots. Some were twisted around each other while others had extra carrots growing out of their sides. The kids were all really excited about finding one of these and it soon became a contest to see who could find the strangest carrot.


Stop six, Beets.

We don’t like beets but Sydney still wanted to pick a few. They were really hard to pluck so of course it became a challenge she couldn’t pass up. She has since tried to pawn them off to several neighbors with no takers. I don’t blame them.

There would have been more stops. Tomatoes and Onions but the freeze spoiled the vegetables. Either way, I think we left with a great bounty. I made stew later in the week which turned out great. Still trying to think of ways to eat our remaining pounds of carrots and potatoes. But, so far they have been delicious. Thanks, Syd!

After the work was done it was time to play. The kids all tackled this hay stack mountain first. It was pretty cool. We’ve seen hay mazes before but never a mountain.


Then there was this thing???


And a maze complete with its own chickens to chase.


We had a great time at the farm. It was fun seeing the kids get a chance to go wild together outside of school. They are all such a great group of kids and all get along amazingly well. They are truly great friends. It does a Mom good to see. Can’t wait to go back next year earlier in the season with the whole family.