Parents Day

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Today, I had the pleasure of going to school with Sydney. Her teacher this year seems to be really great about including the parents in the school year with the kids. She has all types of special parties, field trips, and other special days of which the parents are included if they wish. Today was Parents Day. Mommy took Sydney to school this morning and was able to stay in the classroom for the entire morning. To my surprise this meant that even I had to do some schoolwork. There was MATH-O, like Bingo only you had to do math problems to get your squares. There was a scarecrow puzzle. And a final craft project for parents and kids to make together. Here is Sydney and I’s paper bag penguin.


Of course we also had recess.


Here is a picture of Sydney with her teacher, Mrs. Hoffman. Happy to say we lucked out once again. One more awesome teacher for Sydney!