American Heritage Girls – Walker Ranch Field Trip

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This year we enrolled the girls into a girls troop called American Heritage Girls. We were disappointed in the way our girl scout troop worked last year so we were looking for a new girls group for this year. When a Mom at our school asked if anyone would be interested in starting an American Heritage Girls Troop at our … Read More

Our first cabin visit

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Its finally official! We are now the owners of our very own cabin in Leadville. Daddy is in Norway for business this week so Mommy had to sign her life away all by herself. But, we got it done. We couldn’t wait for Daddy to come home before we checked out our new place. So us girls decided to go … Read More

Sydney’s 7 Year Old Portraits

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We had the girls annual portraits taken over the weekend and here are the results. They took a total of 142 pictures and we had to whittle them down to what we thought were the best. Which was no easy task. We received digital copies of all 142 pictures so at least we can print more if wanted. There were … Read More

Parents Day

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Today, I had the pleasure of going to school with Sydney. Her teacher this year seems to be really great about including the parents in the school year with the kids. She has all types of special parties, field trips, and other special days of which the parents are included if they wish. Today was Parents Day. Mommy took Sydney … Read More

Nice Shoes

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Now and then we have a kid that forgets to bring shoes in the car. So today I said I am not going to carry her and she had to figure something out! Introducing the doggie poop bag shoes. Its a new fashion trend for 2010. Just wait and see.