Longmont Humane Society Summer Camp

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This week Sydney had her first summer camp at the Longmont Humane Society. I’m sure many of you think her Mommy made her go to this camp. But, she picked it out all on her own. I think her Mommy’s love of pets might be starting to rub off on her. I’d have to say I was a bit jealous dropping her off.

She would spend her days walking dogs, playing with kittens and bunnies, and learning about pet care and overpopulation. During the week the kids were given chances to observe many animals and pick their sponsored animal by the end of the week. On the last day they would create a plaque to affix to the animals cage to help it get adopted. Sydney picked “Happy” for her dog. Luckily as we were walking through we spotted Happy going out for his walk so we grabbed a quick photo.

Summer Camps

Here is the plaque Syd made for Happy. I have a feeling he’ll find his forever home soon.

Summer Camps