Field Day 2010

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First Grade means finally being able to be a part of the schools’ Field Day. Sydney is quite the budding athlete so she was so excited for the big day. Then Reagan, Kayla & I went along to cheer on our team. Reagan’s friend Claire even brought her own poster!

Field day

First off the kids all gathered in the gym for a little pre-cheer session. Here is Mrs. Young’s Sea Turtles sporting their Mommy Fuller created sea turtle apparel!


First event was the wave breaker hurdles. Everything this year had a sea theme. Here is Sydney catching some air. Syd later said this was her favorite event of the day.


Of course Sydney was also a great team cheerleader.


Next was beach ball volleyball. This one was pretty funny to watch. The kids didn’t quite get the whole “toss the ball over the net thing” The ball tended to stay on one side while the kids hit it further and further AWAY from the net. Until a teacher would grab the ball and toss it back to the other side. Still very fun!


They finished the day off with four more events covered in the video only. They pulled each other around on scooters. Picked up marbles with their toes out of a kiddie pool. Filled buckets with water by squeezing out sponges. And finally some kind of race where you dress and undress into crazy beach items.

I think the kids all had a blast. But, it definitely was not the field day I grew up on. Where’s the make the kids run until they puke event? Oh well, I think this was more fun.