Grandparents Day

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Today was the big RMCA Day/Grandparents Day at the girls school. We had a special guest in town for the big event. Grandpa Coburn called the school nearly daily last winter to find out when the big event would be. He didn’t want to miss the big event yet another year.

The day started with class presentations in the auditorium. Here is the last shot of Mrs. Young’s current first graders on stage.


Next we headed up to Sydney’s classroom. Sydney showed off all her various art projects around the room. Then she sat Grandpa down in her chair to show him EVERY page she had written all year in her journal and sketchbook. I think he was quite impressed by her progress over the year.


Outside the classroom the kids had an art show for the projects recently made in art class. Here is Syd and her Sarcophagus.


We’re so happy to have been able to show off our school to Grandpa. I hope he enjoyed it as much as we did. Here’s one more shot of the gang.