Happy 7th Birthday – Continued

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Now that the birthday party and sleep-over are over its time to get down to business. Because today is the actual birthday. The girls were pretty tired from the big sleep-over so we kind of took it easy in the morning. I even let Syd open one present early.


Then apparently it started to rain inside or something so the girls decided it best to watch cartoons well protected.


We always let the girls pick where they want to eat on their birthdays. This year Sydney chose the place where the gorilla runs around…Casa Bonita! It was quite a drive down there but we lucked out in that the place was almost empty. Usually it so packed you barely get to see any of the show. So good call for Sydney.

Once back at home, we all ventured outside to have some real fun. Reagan got a real nice green remote control car for her birthday. And of course its no fun to race yourself so Daddy picked out a matching blue car for Sydney. So we spent at least an hour outside watching the girls race their cars.


Then more presents.


We ended the day with Syds’ pick for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I think she likes it because you get to sit on a saddle while they sing Happy Birthday.