Happy 7th Birthday – The Party

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Can you believe our girl is 7?

This year Sydney decided she wanted a sleepover for her birthday party. Given that she is only 7, I envisioned a bedtime riddled with tears as some of the girls wanted to go home. So instead we agreed on an after school party with all the girls from school and best bud Helene. Then after the party, Madison and Helene could stay for a sleep-over. I think that was a great compromise.

So that day for school Sydney got to bring in her school birthday snack. No cupcakes for this kid. She wants Mommies homemade pumpkin muffins. That’s my kid. Then later in the day I showed up to do her last school craft with the classroom. I have been the class craft Mom this year and it was so much fun! This time we planted flowers for the kids to give their Moms for Mother’s Day. I can’t tell you how excited these kids were to have their very own surprise for Mom. It was adorable.


Then I loaded up all the girls into my car and it we headed back to the house for the party. Let me start by saying that although the girls were all so good. Seven 7 year old girls are LOUD. We started off with playtime in the backyard. I got the whole gang to pose for this picture. Unfortunately, Reagan was feeling sick so she was forced to miss much of the activities.


Next, we headed up to the back deck to do some crafts. This year we painted baseball caps with puffy fabric paints. Then we used fabric markers and cool stick on stencils to decorate our own canvas bags. Both crafts were a hit.


Here are the girls acting crazy. Did I mention it was LOUD?


After crafts the girls feasted on homemade mac-n-cheese and fruit before heading inside for the cake. For some reason, the candles kept relighting themselves. So there was a lot of blowing before Dad decided to just dunk them in water.


Here is the last pic of the whole gang. Happy to say they all looked to have had a great time. This was such a great group of girls. One more reason we love our school so much.


After the majority of girls went home we started on the sleep-over activities. First there was some good ole dress-up fun. Then the girls got on some cozy pjs and settled in to watch Barbie and the Mermaid while munching on popcorn. And I thought boys ate a lot. Then as they settled in for bed the bookworms wanted to first read some books. So we lit up our glow in the dark bracelets and read a few minutes before heading to sleep. The rest of the night was uneventful as they were all exhausted and went to bed.


Here is some video of the big event.