1st Grade Recital

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Recently we got an email from the school saying it was time for kids to audition for the spring recital. I asked Sydney if she wanted to put anything together but she wasn’t interested. Ok, move on. A couple of weeks later we get another email containing the schedule for the first grade spring recital and there it was.

Maddie Sandoval and Sydney Fuller singing My Country Tis’ of Thee

So I guess her bud Maddie wanted to sing but didn’t want to go up alone. So the two agreed to a duet. Yet, this news was never passed on to me. How exciting. This was to be Syd’s first performance without the whole group. Here’s a picture of the two in action. The lighting in this place is never good so you get what you get.


After the solo performances the entire first grade got up for one more group performance. They wore little robot masks for their presentation of “Ten Little Robots.”


Of course we had video as well. But, it turns out that holding a grabby baby while filming does not a good movie make. Apparently the little bugger pushed the automatic focus off some how so I was unable to get the camera to focus. I didn’t even know video cameras had the option to turn auto focus off. So I had no idea what was going on. We decided to put up the video since you can still hear the show. Future rule #1..no holding babies while filming kids recitals.