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Sydney has had three loose tooth up on top for quite a few weeks now. So she wiggled them. And wiggled them. And wiggled them. Then finally on Sunday she wiggled the first one out.

Sunday, May 2nd…


Monday, May 3rd…

Sydney shows Mom how wiggly the neighbor tooth has now become. I ask her to let me feel the tooth. And pop! Out it comes too.


A random video when she had 1 to go…

Tuesday, May 4th…

Daddy is driving Sydney to school in the morning and of course she is wiggling her last remaining top loose tooth. And bang! Its out too.


In school the kids keep track of how many teeth are lost by each kid during the year on a tooth fairy calendar. Mrs. Young said Sydney has set a new first grade record. Three teeth lost three days in a row. I think the tooth fairy is now officially broke.

Just look at the mug on this kid.