Oahu – Day 1

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Spring Break is here! This year we decided to do a return trip to Hawaii. Sydney came here a few years ago and spent a week on Maui. However, on this trip, we decided to come to Oahu to show her something different. We knew it would have many kid-friendly destinations which is key when trying to entertain a whole family for a week. It is a long plane flight half-way across the Pacific but nothing a Nintendo DS and a few games couldn’t help. Let the party begin!


Sydney’s routine is basically to go into the ocean and swim around in the surf. Then come back near us and roll around in the sand while trying to build things. Then she goes back into the water to rinse and repeat.


I try to play along by either helping in the sand castle building process or pretending to be some kind of monster in the water. Here I was playing like a beached shark and biting anyone that came near me. Unfortunately, the girls figured out the best way to stop this animal was to throw sand at him. That stopped me in my tracks.


The beach seems to be the big attraction with the girls so far. We have spent zero time at the new multi-million dollars kid’s pool at our hotel. They are enjoying the sand, sun and surf too much. Have a look!

Sydney brought a notebook along and she is writing a diary of all the stuff she does. Each page basically covers one moment of the day and usually has a picture along with it. Today’s had entries like:

I am in Howiy.

Kayla Mom and Dad Reagan and me are haveing a lot of fun

We landed in Howiy

There was a man who said hwo old I am

This is a werd tree

It was so windy that my moms hat flew across the street

The pictures are even better. I am sure the stories will continue.

Many more days ahead!