Jump Rope

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I attended Syd’s school today to help with their last reading group. Of course, I always go early for recess. Sydney and friends showed me their jump rope skills. Then we went inside and read as a group for 20+ minutes. Finished one book and moved on to a new one.

Ice Skating

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Aunt Natalee was on her final day of the visit so we were ready for something more low key than skiing. How about ice skating? Sydney hadn’t ever been before and Reagan just had gone the first time at a birthday party earlier in the week. So we headed over to the Longmont Ice Pavilion. Not too busy at the … Read More

Big Day On The Slopes

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Previously. Natalee was ready for her 2nd day on the slopes after giving her butt a day to recover from what is snowboarding. Being that it was Saturday, I asked Sydney if she wanted to give it a go. In years past, skiing has been fun — for about an hour — with her. Lots of work to get a … Read More

Cookie Delivery

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The cookies have arrived! At 141 boxes sold, Sydney was tops in her troop! Thanks to everyone that helped her out to meet her goal and then some. Sydney is working on some thank you’s and then we will get them delivered or shipped as soon as we can.