Three Sisters

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Sydney & Reagan discovered that the three girls all have matching pjs. This was not on purpose. All pjs were bought at separate times. But, they did each get a different variety of the same pj. Too cute!

You Dig It

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Sydney broke a pair of gym shoes this week. As we were out shopping for shoes for Kim, Sydney saw these and had to have them. Her first pair of “tie” shoes. 2 sets of laces and 3 layers of shoes per foot! Go big or go home!!!

Love Is In The Air

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Sydney was talking to Kim on the way home from school the other day. She told Kim that she picked out a new boyfriend at school. OK. Kim asked if the boy knew. Sydney explained that she hadn’t told him yet. Love is weird — when you are 6. Fast forward to today when Sydney went to the store with … Read More

For The Birds

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Reagan was worried because we hadn’t fed the geese at Golden Ponds in a while. She thought they might be starving! So we headed over to get them full for winter. But they didn’t have to travel across town to see birds — on a walk with neighbors today, they saw some very distinctive birds just out our backyard.


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This kid can eat. And she eats anything — her plate had crab, lobster, chicken, steak, calamari, sausage, and … I forget.