Back To School — For Dad!

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Reagan and I had the opportunity to help out in Sydney’s class today.

I picked up lunch for Reagan and I and we went into school and sat with Sydney’s first grade class and ate lunch. Got to learn all about lunch time all over again. Then we went outside for recess. Reagan liked playing with the big kids. I got involved in freeze tag and had all the kids chasing me around. I escaped by climbing up a pole where nobody could get me. The playground moderator said she had never seen a Dad do that move before.


After we went back into Sydney’s classroom and I helped with reading groups. This is where the kids divide up and take turns reading a book to each other. A parent volunteer helps guide them and such. Sydney was a star. She was the best reader in the group. Made me proud. The boys have some work to do — especially because they goof off constantly. However, Sydney is little miss helper and tells them what they miss and to pay attention. She is a tough cookie!