Makin’ Money

By BrandonMilestones1 Comment

Down economy? Not for this kid! The 2nd tooth came loose and popped out. It went under the pillow that very night. Netted her $5. Yeah, the last one was $10 but the first is special I heard. Syd was talking to Nana and Nana asked, “Now that you have 10+5, that’s 15 — what will you spend it on?” … Read More

Bike Trail

By BrandonA Day in the Life2 Comments

Mom was sick today so I took Sydney and Reagan for a bike ride. Reagan was in the bike trailer but Sydney was sporting her new skills on the bike trail. This was a big change from normal street riding because you have to navigate sharp turns, fast hills, and other bikers! We ended up at Golden Ponds where the … Read More