Rev Theory: My First Concert

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Tonight is Cruefest. I am not going. You couldn’t pay me to watch Motley Crue. However, a bunch of other bands on the bill that I like and/or love. However, I am on hiatus this month from shows given the impending childbirth. So no show for me tonight.

Well, last night, I was poking around and found out that my favorite band on the bill, Rev Theory, was going to play a free show at the Best Buy near the venue. Um, do tell! An acoustic set followed by and autograph signing? How can you go wrong there? Plus, it is 96 degrees out and this would be in air conditioned comfort!

My daughter, Sydney, says she is either going to be a singer, dancer, or an artist. So I thought — let’s see what she thinks of singing in a low key environment prior to taking her to Metallica — one of these days! I was yelling at her to hurry and get ready so we could go. She came down in her “Girls Rock” t-shirt because she was going to rock, she said. So we packed up our A/V gear and drove down to Best Buy. Got there 15 minutes early and secured our front row spots.

Unfortunately, the band was nearly an hour late. I had to entertain Syd all that time while not losing our spots. It is a free show — what can I say. People kept streaming in. Maybe 100 folks there? Finally, a guy came up and did a sound check and everybody was ready. The band emerged from the back of the store and took the stage for an an acoustic set — 4 feet from Sydney’s face.

Rev Theory

For your viewing pleasure, I bring you the set in its entirety. Enjoy! Watch for the personal wave by Rich, the singer, to Sydney in the front row as the first song begins.

They played Far From Over and Wanted Man. 2 good songs well suited for an acoustic performance. After those, they raffled off a bunch of stuff like gift certificates, year of Monster energy drink, and a brand new Les Paul guitar freshly signed by the band. We then lined up for an autograph and photo session and got to meet the guys and get their signatures. Sydney thought the whole thing was pretty cool!

Rev Theory

The girls behind us asked if they could stand on the table too — nope, perk of a 6-year old. I might have found another rocker to take to shows!

Rev Theory

I met Rev Theory once before at the Ogden during their opening for Puddle of Mudd. They were cool then and the same today. Been a fan ever since! Think I created a new one today too — signed CD is on Syd’s shelf. Guess I don’t get it back!

Rev Theory

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