Two Wheels

By BrandonMilestones2 Comments

Now and then I get super motivated because I suddenly feel like my kid is “way behind”. Ok, I mean stupid. Well, a psychiatrist would probably say that it is a reflection on me. So when I get the itch, we go nuts! This week I realized that my daughter needed to be riding without training wheels. I had been … Read More

What Does a First Grader Learn In Week Two?

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

Straight from our teacher’s email update: This week we will be continuing our review of numbers from 1 – 20; learning about the days of Creation in Bible; looking at the earth’s shape, and rocks and fossils in Science; reviewing consonant sounds and practicing our letter shapes. Last week we discussed the 4 things people need to live: water, food, … Read More

First Tooth Out

By BrandonMilestones2 Comments

As previously reported, Syd has a loose tooth. She has been messing with it for days but very gently. She just finished brushing her teeth and I noticed her wiggling it. I turned away and then Sydney started screaming in excitement. I turned back and the tooth was in hand! Sydney was so excited to have this out and have … Read More