Green Mountain Hiker

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Distance 3.59 miles Time 02:34:57 Max Elevation 8,179 feet Elevation Gain 1,517 feet GPS Analysis Garmin Connect I woke up this morning kind of out of it. Had an early dentist appointment. Felt like the weekend slipped away with no mountain time. Weather was good. Reagan is in camp all week. That left me thinking — wonder what I can … Read More

Level 2

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Sydney completed her first level 2 swim class last week. This is where they stop classifying you by animals and start giving you numbers. Big stuff. As a treat, the kids got to go down the big water slides for a finale!

Return of the Brown Girl

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Aunt Natalee came into town this past weekend for a visit and a little jog. Soon after she arrived, we packed up the truck and headed to Leadville, Colorado for our weekend in the highest city in the USA. We went out to Turquoise Lake on arrival and the kids spent time splashing in the lake. The water is straight … Read More