Money Maker

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This Friday and Saturday was our annual neighborhood garage sale. With all the reorganization going on to make room for baby we had a good amount of cleaning out to do. The girls even went through their rooms to make some extra dough. Sydney was so excited for the big event. Great Grandma Mimi would have been so proud. Sydney … Read More

Princess Dance Camp

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The second camp of the summer is complete. Both girls were really excited about this one. Dancing, princesses, crafts… how could you possibly go wrong with an itinerary like that. I got to camp about 5 minutes early today to watch the last few minutes of dancing. They were playing freeze dance. Reagan seemed to be glued to Sydney at … Read More

Dora Live!

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Sydney saw Dora Live once before when she was 2 years old. Time to go again. This one was more for Reagan but Sydney can’t miss her old true bud. Sydney is out of Dora these days so no costume for her. So she opted for the princess dress. This worked out well because everybody said, “Look! There is Snow … Read More

Zoo Camper

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The first camp of the summer is complete. Zoo Camp was an exciting week of animal encounters. Sydney was there each day for the morning. However, this week was wet and cold for a normal June week. But that worked out OK because the animals were out instead of hiding in the shade. Many more camps yet to come this … Read More


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I took Sydney and Reagan out for dinner last night by myself while Kim rested. We went to Red Robin. When we sat down, I swear they both said they wanted Mac-n-Cheese. The usual protocol is to circle what you want. However, the kids disappeared into the restroom for about 10 minutes so I just went ahead and ordered. The … Read More