Dora Live!

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

Sydney saw Dora Live once before when she was 2 years old. Time to go again. This one was more for Reagan but Sydney can’t miss her old true bud.


Sydney is out of Dora these days so no costume for her. So she opted for the princess dress. This worked out well because everybody said, “Look! There is Snow White.” Kind of a change in the sea of Doras.


However, Sydney is way on to this. She is 6, I guess. We were talking pre-show and she said Dora isn’t real and these are just people dressed up like the cartoon. Oh really? Then I tried to say that Boots the Monkey was a real monkey. She said no way to that because he had human colored skin with make-up on. She could tell. She also insists on explaining this “fraud” to Reagan who is blissfully unaware. I think.