Colorado Kids Race 2009

By BrandonAdventures2 Comments

As you may recall, Sydney ran her first race last year. She had so much fun that for the last year, she had been talking about doing it again. When is my race, Dad? We didn’t get the training in that we did last year. Been busy. Plus, the race program changed a bit for 2009. You had to get … Read More

Happy 6th Birthday

By BrandonMilestones1 Comment

After the party last weekend, the birthday party continued. Sydney was “special person of the week” in school so she got to do fun stuff everyday at school. She had to do show-and-tell and bring in things that she wanted to show the kids. She decided that she wanted to show them some coins — so she took in proof … Read More

Birthday Dinner #1

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

So we went out tonight for dinner and Sydney wanted to say it was her birthday. Its only a day early?!? I bet she will make us go out tomorrow night to some other spot. How many times can she pull this off?

6th Birthday Party

By BrandonA Day in the Life2 Comments

Sydney had her choice and decided that she wanted a “Dorothy” party at her gymnastics establishment. Dorothy — the one from Wizard of Oz. Go figure. Party room is ready to go! They started in the gym doing stretches. The gymnastics folks love to stretch. Boring! Let’s do something crazy! We had the rock wall all to ourselves as well … Read More