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So we went to the carnival — twice. Started raining the first time so we left and came back later. Sydney was so excited. Running from ride to ride. She had done some work for me during our break so I gave her some money. Fully knowing she would be itching to spend it when we went back to the carnival. She wanted to throw darts to pop balloons but Kim figured she wouldn’t hit so talked her into the duck pond game. So Syd went over, paid the $3, and started playing. I was trying to figure out the rules. The carnie was not advising. Sydney was just picking ducks non-stop. You had to put them on this platform in the duck pond. The platform was a 5 gallon bucket with a carpeted board on top. So Syd keep working it and leans over and puts some weight on the board to help her reach. SPLASH! Syd goes into the duck pond! What just happened? Slow motion — pulling Syd out of the water as she is crying and soaking wet. I turned to her mother — she is about falling over laughing. Nice, Mom. Sydney pauses the crying for a second, “I think I peed my pants.”

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