Gymnastics Show

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Another year of gymnastics in the books. As always, the year ends with a program for the parents and the presentations of the medals. The photos of the event weren’t great so I am going with video alone this time. Enjoy! Gymnastics Show 2009 from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

My Desk

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Sydney’s new desk arrived! You can now find her there making crafts, making invitations for shows, or designing the latest Pixo fashions.


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So we went to the carnival — twice. Started raining the first time so we left and came back later. Sydney was so excited. Running from ride to ride. She had done some work for me during our break so I gave her some money. Fully knowing she would be itching to spend it when we went back to the … Read More

Kindergarten Graduation

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When we started the school year, we went to a parent’s orientation night. The headmaster explained that our kids would transform before our eyes in kindergarten. Ok, whatever dude. Well, tonight was the graduation and I have to take back my sarcasm. What a change! Kindergarten was a big transition for Sydney and she handled it with flying colors. We … Read More

The Circus

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It is on the seemingly short list of things that the kids have not done yet — go the circus. So we went. And sat in the front row on the floor. Frankly, I sat next to Reagan and spent most of the time dealing with her. She can’t sit still. Sydney enjoyed the show — mostly the acrobatics. Wondering … Read More