A Training Run

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So I am working and Syd comes in and says “When are you running today?”. Shortly. “I want to go today. I am ready.” She is all decked out in her racing outfit with a new addition of a matching pig hat. Ok!


On the other side of the block, she asked me which way was the longest. I showed her. She decided that she just wanted to do “medium” today. No problem. Later, I was just jogging and noticed she wasn’t next to me. Turned around and she was jogging in place really fast. What are you doing? “Look how fast I can run in place!”, she says. Oh god. That isn’t going to win race — or IQ tests.


WE went 0.67 miles with an elevation gain of 21 feet in 8 minutes, which is a moving pace of 13:16. View OUR full GPS data.