Grandparents Day

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Sydney’s school held a special Grandparents Day today celebrating these old coots. Since Sydney’s Grandparents live 1000 miles away and I didn’t see an RV pull up this morning with them all, I figured I better attend and play substitute grandparent. This was a surprise for Sydney — I didn’t tell her I was going. Luckily, the first activity was … Read More

Follow Me

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Sydney is always messing with my iPhone — games, typing notes, taking pictures. So I am going to try and put her to work documenting her own life. Not letting her write blog posts yet. That wouldn’t be pretty. However, I think she can handle some tweets. So come on over to Twitter and follow Sydney!

Wedding Dance Party

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It has been a few years since Sydney was a flower girl. This wedding was Reagan’s turn. However, this allowed Sydney to spend her time socializing, getting dolled up and cutting a rug! But that didn’t stop Sydney from constantly wanting to catch up with the bride, Lauren, for a photo. When it was time for the Father/Daughter dance, we … Read More