Crane Game

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I got a new Mino HD camera. Giving the non-HD one to Kim for her purse. So I uploaded a quick video I shot of the kids to see how it goes. YouTube won’t let you embed the HD quality version (yes, there is a hack but it blows up). So you have to click on the video to go … Read More

Flagstaff Trail

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I asked Sydney if she wanted to do a little hiking with the dogs today. Sure! So she comes down in her hiking clothes. What do you think? We left Reagan and Kim behind because Reagan walked 10 feet and started crying about how her feet hurt. The real trooper carried on and herded the dogs along. Sydney was particularly … Read More

New Photos

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I had forgotten about the kid’s cameras and have been yelling at them to drag the cameras along. These kids need to capture their own life moments. I can’t follow them around until they are 30 blogging their every move. Can I? So I cleaned off Sydney’s camera today and there were 53 photos out of the hundreds that were … Read More