Christmas Performance

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During our Christmas meal, Sydney decided to show off all her skills with a performance. This is always such a weird deal for a parent. If I would have told her to do this, she probably would have revolted and sat in a corner. But somehow, she decided that this is what she wanted to do and the performances just … Read More

Seems Like Yesterday

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This band of cousins only sees each other a couple times a year — yet they get in the room and it is like they just were hanging out yesterday! However, in order to totally embarrass them later in life, I will tell a quick story from today. Reagan came out and said that Christian (right) and Sydney were locking … Read More

Three Sisters

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Sydney & Reagan discovered that the three girls all have matching pjs. This was not on purpose. All pjs were bought at separate times. But, they did each get a different variety of the same pj. Too cute!