Disneyland 2008

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In 2004, Kim and I took Sydney to Disneyland. See had such a fun time but it was too much to do for a one and a half year old baby. Fast forward to last year when she went to Disney World. What a great time! So when planning this year’s annual fall vacation, Kim and I were deciding what beach to go to. However, when Sydney commented how the guy in the costume at Red Robin was really a guy in a costume, I knew the magic was nearing an end. I had a sudden rush — we have to get them back to Disney again! So we scrapped the beach plans and booked a trip to Disneyland the next day. We knew it would be a smaller adventure and that was good. We were looking for something more manageable. And with other attractions in the area, it was an easy win.


The park is busy but isn’t crazy. We got through a ton of rides on our first morning and only ever waited in line to see Mickey.


We ended the night on the Buzz Lightyear ride. You ride along in a car and participate with your laser gun at saving the planet — or something. There was a greater than life-size Buzz outside with this cool video face.


The big thrill of the day for the kids was going into the Haunted Mansion because it is all decorated up with The Nightmare Before Christmas movie theme. Everything has been redone to match the movie. Pretty cool! We just enjoyed it on the first time through. Will try and capture it the next time through. Or the time after that. Or after that. As the night cooled off, we went looking for some warmer clothes. I wanted to buy Sydney a sweatshirt but she insisted on these Nightmare arm warmers! I have some plain ones I wear for running in the cold. So she must be getting her fashion sense from me? She looked pretty cool and slightly goth in her arm warmers I must say.

The decorations on Its a Small World are the big attraction. So much so that we didn’t want to wait in line today for it. We will be back for that. We have a 3 day pass!

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